Validation process

SonyCenter provides professionals, for orders within the European Union, to settle their purchases without paying VAT (15% in Luxembourg).

For this, the professional must when creating your account, enter the company name (official name and address corresponding to the number of VAT registration) and number VAT in the fields provided for this purpose.
If number VAT is valid, the customer account will automatically be registered as a professional account and VAT (15%) will be deducted from the order.

Our system will then generate an invoice without VAT

Attention professionalremains responsible to declare VAT and to fulfill the obligations in respect of VAT and all other reporting requirements, if any, in accordance with the rules of the Union European and your country.

We keep the right to reserve and validate orders manually

Validation Failed

If your VAT number does not pass the automatic validation, please contact us by phone (00352 48 16 60 314) or e-mail ( to validate your account manually.

VAT refunds

If you have already paid VAT included and want the VAT back, please contact us by phone (00352 48 16 60 314) or e-mail ( and provide us your company name (official name and the address corresponding to the registration number for VAT) and VAT number.
Please note that if the address of your VAT certificate registration is different from the billing address of your order, SonyCenter can not access to your request for reimbursement of VAT