I. Preamble
SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG is managed by the company ELECTRO HAUSER SARL. These stores and the headquarters are located at 22, rue Christophe Plantin, Industrial Area Gasperich L-2339 Luxembourg. ELECTRO HAUSER SARL is registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies under number B21178, is subject to Luxembourg VAT under number IBLC LU12502569 and holds his residence permit under No. 62510 / F. ELECTRO HAUSER SARL owns and operates, among others, www.sonycenter.lu commercial site, the site informative and store www.hauser.lu SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG above.

II. Definitions and details
When used in the context of these General Conditions, the following terms, whether used in the singular or plural, shall have the following meanings:
Client / Consumer / Buyer / You: Any person or company who acquires or uses for non-professional products or services offered by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG
Professional: A person not falling within the definition of consumer given above and who acquires or uses for partially or totally professional products or services offered by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG.
Producer / Manufacturer: provider of products sold by ELECTRO HAUSER SARL
Site: refers to our www.sonycenter.lu
Terms: Terms and Conditions of Sale herein

22, rue Christophe Plantin
Industrial Zone Gasperich
L-2339 Luxembourg
Site: www.sonycenter.lu
E-mail: info@sonycenter.lu
Phone: +352 48 16 60-399
Fax: +352 48 16 60-366

III. Scope

III.1. These Terms and Conditions are the only ones applicable and replace all other conditions, unless prior written consent. ELECTRO HAUSER LLC may be occasionally obliged to modify certain provisions of the General Conditions. Therefore, it is necessary that they be reread before each visit and imperatively before each purchase on the Site. These changes are effective from their on line and can not be applied to previous contracts. Each purchase www.sonycenter.lu is governed by the General Conditions applicable on the date of the order. They are only applicable to internet sales conducted through the Site. We believe that validating your order, you unreservedly accept our Terms & Conditions after reading. By accessing the Site, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use contained therein.

III.2. Date of last update of these Terms of Sale: Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

IV. Contract formation

IV.1. Accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code on contracts concluded online, the contract will be concluded when you click the button you can confirm your order after viewing the details thereof and in particular the total price and have had the opportunity to correct any errors.

IV.2. In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 1124 Civil Code specifies that an unemancipated minor is incapable of forming a contract, the BUYER agrees, by completing the order form, to be eighteen years of age to the date of shipment thereof.
Once the order is completed, SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG will send an order confirmation containing in particular the price of goods or services ordered including related taxes and the price, the transport of goods and the total amount that will be paid by the BUYER and the place and time of delivery.

IV.3. The contract is therefore concluded in the company's headquarters ELECTRO HAUSER SARL, 22, rue Christophe Plantin, Industrial Area Gasperich, L-2339 Luxembourg.

IV.4. The contract concluded is archived. Contracts on our website (data for your order and Terms in force at the date of your order) are archived for a period of 10 years. You can access archived contracts upon request by e-mail or postal mail info@sonycenter.lu at SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG Customer Service 22, rue Christophe Plantin Industrial Zone Gasperich L-2339 Luxembourg.

IV.5. SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG may refuse to honor one or more commands when reasonable suspicion of fraud will be established.

IV.6. SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG chose Saferpay Six Group so that no confidential data on bank details www.sonycenter.lu passes through the site. (See Article XI.7.2 "Transactions secured by Saferpay"). Saferpay verify the accuracy of the bank details provided by the CLIENT and shall immediately inform before confirmation of the Order of the acceptance or rejection of the transaction. The payment of the Products is therefore through Saferpay and will appear on the Visa / Mastercard / American Express CLIENT. The CUSTOMER's account will be debited to the shipment of the goods to the CLIENT. Note that at no time HAUSER ELECTRO Ltd. is in possession of your credit card number.

IV.7. To place your order, we offer you four ways: - by Internet on our site: 24/24h and 7/7d www.sonycenter.lu - email: info@sonycenter.lu - by mail with printing your order and your payment sent to: SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG Customer Service 22, rue Christophe Plantin Industrial Zone Gasperich L-2339 Luxembourg

IV.9. The language proposed for the contract is French.

V. Proof of contract

V.1. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the co-contracting parties agree that the computer records they have made in their respective computer systems under reasonable safety procedures are accepted as proof of their relationship or contract between them.

V.2. For purposes of this contract we consider that computer data storage takes place in conditions of reasonable safety if the documents are automatically stored in a database unchanging and permanent.

VI. Product Description
SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG takes great care when putting information online concerning the essential characteristics of our products, notably the technical descriptions and the photographs illustrating the products and within the limits of the art and in accordance with the highest standards of market. Neither the information nor photos accompanying fall in the contract. They are symbolic and are subject to change.

VII. Price bid validity

VII.1. Price
The prices listed on the site are in EUROS. They include VAT but exclude delivery charges. ELECTRO HAUSER SARL reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Products will be charged based on the rates in effect at the time of registration of your order. Thus, the prices listed on the order confirmation are binding and final, if prices fall a few days after the order, we can not in any way compensate you for the difference, if prices rise, we take the difference and we are committed to deliver you the price set on the date of the order. The final price includes the price of the product (s), the cost of handling, packaging and storage of goods and freight.

VII.2. The validity of the offer
The product offers and prices are valid while stocks last.

VIII. Delivery

VIII.1. Place of delivery - Agent
The BUYER shall specify in the order in which he wishes the goods to be delivered. It may either be delivered to an address of your choice to the exclusion of a PO Box or come to recover its costs in our office at the address mentioned on the site.
In the event that it chooses to collect the goods himself, no transportation charges will be charged. If he chooses to have them delivered to an address designated by him, he will bear the cost of transportation such as these it will be specified in the confirmation of order and the price listed on the website of SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG.
In case of absence during the delivery, the BUYER shall be obliged to take an appointment with the carrier and cargo.

VIII.2. Delivery
SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG undertakes to deliver the goods within the period specified in the product description.
Delivery time: 24/48 hours for France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Allemangne, between 10 and 12 days for other countries and DOMTOM Served: http://www.sonycenter.lu / content/1-livraison
For orders with payment by bank transfer, the delivery time is foction the date of receipt (normally 2 working days from the date of execution) of the transfer on our bank account.
Delivery of products that are not in stock, delivery is indicated on the product description.
SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG undertakes to notify the BUYER of any delivery delays beyond its control.
If it exceeds thirty days than initially subscribed by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG, the BUYER may cancel the purchase without penalty to either party. It must inform SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG E-mail, fax or letter within two days of the warning and given by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG.

VIII.3. Risks
The goods are transported at the risk of SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG until delivery to the delivery address of the goods specified by the BUYER. From that moment, the BUYER shall assume sole risk. BUYER assumes all risk of transport to SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG merchandise through the application of Article VIII (Right of withdrawal) and in the context of the application of Articles XIII and XVI (Warranty Repair and out of warranty).

IX. Billing
It will always be issued an invoice accompanying the delivery.

X. Payment

X.1. Principle
The payment will be made at the last step of the ordering process. Payments will be accepted:
- Bank transfer, made payable to:
22, rue Christophe Plantin
L-2339 Luxembourg-Gasperich
Bank: Dexia Banque Internationale Luxembourg SA
Address: Route d'Esch L-2963 Luxembourg
Account Number (IBAN): LU36 0020 1004 8310 0000
Please note that the product will be reserved from the time the payment has reached us.

X.2. Denials by CETREL
If the bank or credit card refuses to authorize payment, SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG may consider the sale void.

X.3. Interests
Any sum due from SONY CENTER carries LUXEMBOURG maturity and without the need to send a notice of default interest of 1% per month, started month is due.

Interest will likewise payable at the rate mentioned above in case of revocation of any payment.

In this case, interest will be calculated from the day after the issuance of the invoice or order confirmation.

An equivalent interest of 1% per month will be payable by SONY CENTER same LUXEMBOURG its customers for any amount owing by it to its maturity as specified in these Terms and Conditions or eight days on account order directed by the CLIENT.

X.4. Penalty clause
In case of non payment of an invoice SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG account or order made by the Customer within a period of eight days from the issuance or shipment, a lump sum equivalent to 15% of the amount due, with a minimum of € 75.00 for each outstanding invoice or account stopped, will be payable by the client or by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG for administrative costs, collection, defense judicial and extra judicial statements will be without prejudice to the legally taxed costs. Therefore, the minimum compensation specified in this Article shall be cumulative and per invoice account stopped and combine.

X.5. Accounting periods
The periods specified in this Article shall be counted in calendar days, not working days.

X.6. Retention of title
As long as the price is not fully and finally acquitted or if the credit agency delivers it to the account of SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG SONY CENTER canned or reinstate the property sold items including replacement parts. The BUYER shall notify the SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG any claim of a third party in respect of its objects, either as part of a seizure, bankruptcy or any action that would tend to dispossess.

X.7. Security
To ensure the security of transactions and communications made through the Site www.sonycenter.lu at the highest level, we opted for a double security: GlobalSign Saferpay.

X.7.1. Transactions secured by Saferpay / Cetrel ("Electronic Transfer Centre")
Regarding online payment by credit card, the forms are themselves encrypted pages with SSL (see previous paragraph), we opted for the service "Saferpayl" that supports your payments secured by credit card Internet through technology "POS Server." All processing of the financial transaction takes place on the server and passes the CETREL not www.sonycenter.lu the site. Therefore, SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG can neither know nor store at any time the number of your credit card. However, CETREL checks the validity of your card and inform you of the acceptance or rejection of the transaction. If accepted, the order is confirmed. In case of refusal (card denied error data entry card ...), the system will take you to the status page of the card. From that time, the Customer is able to try again with another method of payment (eg bank transfer) or with another credit card. For safety reasons and in order to prevent credit card fraud, this in the interest of the SELLER and CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER must first empty the cart before it can start.

XI. Obligation of receiving the goods and claim period

XI.1. Deposit of the goods
The CLIENT has the obligation to provide at its own expense the goods himself at the head of ELECTRO HAUSER SARL specified in Article II.

XI.2. Estimate costs
If the repair is the subject of a quote that is not finally accepted by the CLIENT, it is required to find the merchandise come within a period of eight calendar days after the notice is given and shall, in addition, set when depositing a sum of € 49.00 excluding VAT expense estimate. If the quote is accepted by the customer, the cost estimate will be deducted from the total cost of the repair.

XII. Seller's contractual warranty

XII.1. Scope
Everything we sell benefit from:
o The legal guarantee of conformity,
o the legal guarantee against hidden defects,
o contractual warranty manufacturers whose extent and duration vary depending on the product.
ELECTRO HAUSER SARL warrants goods and services in accordance with the law. The invoice, the delivery and the warranty card to the exclusion of any other document (such as a proof of payment) will be produced for the application of this Article. No warranty beyond the provisions of these Terms may not be invoked against him.
The legal guarantee concerning hidden flaws compliance and apply according to law.

XII.2. Duration
To implement the legal guarantee of the seller, the CONSUMER must, by any means, to denounce the lack of conformity within a period of two years from delivery of the goods. No prescription can be acquired before the expiry of that period. The CONSUMER is deprived of his action in warranty at the end of a period of two years from the date of denunciation provided for in the preceding paragraph.
After the expiry of two years, the CONSUMER can no longer rely on the absence of good.

XII.3. Transport
If the Customer uses the contractual warranty, it is required to submit himself, at his own expense, the goods covered by its warranty claim to the return address below:
Logistics Centre Electro Hauser
DOCK A RMA: XXX-000000-000000-XX
22, rue Christophe Plantin
Industrial Zone Gasperich

In case of lack of conformity, the CONSUMER has the option to return the property to be returned and the price or keep the property and to be part of the price. There is no reason to cancel the sale or to reduce the price if the seller shall replace or repair the goods. The resolution of the sale may not be imposed if the failure to comply was a minor.
Compliance must take place within one month from the day when the CONSUMER gave the product for compliance. After this period, the CONSUMER can make good and get refund the price or keep well and be a part of the return price.
Compliance occurs without any cost or inconvenience to the CONSUMER, given the nature of the property and the purpose for which the CONSUMER.

XII.5. Repair time
If, within the guarantee contract, a CONSUMER ELECTRO HAUSER SARL deliver to a commodity to have it repaired, ELECTRO HAUSER SARL shall deploy all means to repair that occurs within a reasonable period to amount of compensation, the necessary parts to it, their availability and the size of its service after sales (service) or that of its subcontractors or suppliers approved.
No compensation may be claimed does to ELECTRO HAUSER SARL for a period allegedly too high, unless
o repair exceeds 60 calendar days;
o ELECTRO HAUSER SARL has encountered cases of force major;
o repair is not possible under reasonable conditions.

XII.6. Exclusion
The CONSUMER is deprived of his action when he says warranty repair of the goods delivered by ELECTRO HAUSER SARL to a third party or if he even tries to repair it, so if the merchandise has been transformed, modified, customized opened by an unauthorized person, the warranty claims will be denied.
It does not repair the damage resulting from a cause external to the appliance (eg an accident, shock, lightning, storm, a current fluctuation the entry of a liquid or sand, ...), a transport or improper storage, employment, installation or connection does not meet specifications or the manufacturer's instructions, to a use detrimental to the proper conservation of the device (eg that caused by oxidation), using a commercial (for products other than professional) or collective use of devices or accessories inadequate supplies.
The warranty does not cover consumable items or consumables, such as batteries, fuses, aerials, headphones, cartridges, ....
For computers, the warranty does not apply, in addition to damages resulting from a change of program or parameter data, failure or misuse of software, ELECTRO HAUSER SARL may, moreover, be liable for the loss or destruction of data stored in your device, such as software or file regardless of its nature or damage caused by the use of software acquired by illegal means (copy).
ELECTRO HAUSER SARL inform the Customer as soon as this state of things.

XII.7. Responsibility
In the context of this Article XIII, the liability of the company ELECTRO HAUSER SARL against the failure of a device is limited to repair it or replace it with an equivalent object if repair proves impossible. In any case the direct or indirect consequences of this failure can not be claimed him.

XII.8. Unable to repair
If unable to repair goods entrusted to this effect HAUSER SARL ELECTRO, ELECTRO HAUSER SARL may propose to replace the object by an equivalent object with respect to its performance, it can be considered a price difference between the object beyond repair and require replacement.

XII.9. SONY Warranty Extension
Beyond the legal warranty of 2 years, SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG can provide on request a quotation for an extension of Sony Warranty valid throughout the European Union for 36 months. This warranty extension does not preclude the application of provisions of the Act of 21 April 2004 relating to the guarantee of conformity and the provisions of the Civil Code relating to the guarantee.

XIII. Non-warranty repair

XIII.1. Deposit of the goods
The customer is obliged to file its cost himself the goods to the seat ELECTRO HAUSER SARL specified in Article II.

XIII.2. Estimate costs
If the repair is the subject of a quote that is not finally accepted by the customer, it shall come to seek goods within a period of eight calendar days after the notice is given and shall, in addition, set when depositing a sum of € 49.00 excluding VAT expense estimate. If the quote is accepted by the customer, the cost estimate will be deducted from the total cost of the repair.

XIV. Obligation to withdraw the goods repaired

XIV.1. Any goods repaired through the application of Articles XIII and XIV shall be withdrawn by the Customer within a period of eight calendar days starting on the day the notice is given to him to come and collect the said goods by e-mail, fax or mail.

XIV.2. Failing to come to the CLIENT retrieve objects repaired at the latest within a period of six months from the date of this notice, it will be presumed abandonment of the good, the ownership of it is transferred automatically to ELECTRO HAUSER SARL which may, if necessary, destroy it.

XIV.3. Notwithstanding the application of this Article, the CLIENT will pay the amount of the invoice and interests and allowances specified in Article XI and handling costs arising.

XV. General responsibilities of the BUYER

XV.1. BUYER is entirely responsible for the choice, use and application of products and / or services supplied by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG and the protection of data that are stored or used in connection with them.

XV.2. In the event the customer to come and collect objects repaired at the latest within a period of six months from the date of this notice, it will be presumed abandonment of the merchandise, the property of the latter being automatically transferred to ELECTRO HAUSER SARL which may, if necessary to destroy the customer's expense.

XV.3. BUYER shall not erase or fully or partially invisible marks and / or signs of recognition made products. Otherwise, ELECTRO HAUSER GmbH is unable to take the product back or charge for repair or replacement.

XVI. Copyright and Intellectual Property

XVI.1. At Site content www.sonycenter.lu
All rights are reserved to exploitation. The content and the name of www.sonycenter.lu Site (including text, descriptions, software, photographs, illustrations, logos, trademarks, etc..) Are protected by the applicable legislation of intellectual property. Under these conditions, no person may use any part of the Website content www.sonycenter.lu without the prior written ELECTRO HAUSER SARL. Marks "Sony Center" and logos "Sony Center" are registered trademarks. Their reproduction is therefore an infringement.
The entire contents of the Site is the property of www.sonycenter.lu
22, rue Christophe Plantin
Industrial Zone Gasperich
L-2339 Luxembourg

XVI.2. In products sold via the website www.sonycenter.lu

XVI.2.1. All intellectual property rights on products available to buyers by SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG LUXEMBOURG based at SONY CENTER or its suppliers who have authorized to sell products.

XVI.2.2. In no event will the BUYER copy a product made available or reproduce, translate, adapt, disassemble, decompile, imitate, modify, analyze or reconstruct without permission express written permission of SONY CENTER LUXEMBOURG.

XVI.2.3. It can not, of course, counterfeit goods.

XVI.2.4. He can not make any changes to the software that are sold.

XVI.2.5. It may not make a copy of the software for a back up only for internal use on a single central processing unit specific automated (CPU).

XVI.2.6. During his copiages conservatories, the BUYER shall copy copyright information found on the originals and ensure that they are part.

XVI.2.7. In no case will the provide and be responsible for their possible misuse by third parties for any reason whatsoever.

XVII. Assignment of contract

XVII.1. ELECTRO HAUSER LLC may assign to third parties any rights under any contract with its customers. The assignment covers both rights obligations on the sole condition that it informs the customer of the situation.

XVII.2. For cons, the customer may not assign its rights obligations to a third party without the prior written consent of ELECTRO HAUSER SARL.

XVIII. Clause Salvatrice
The invalidity, illegality or non-applicability of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions will not cause the invalidity or non-enforceability of all of these conditions. The provision would be partially or totally illegal, invalid or unenforceable does not cause non-compliance with other provisions. The provision declared null and void will be replaced by another having the same effect.

XIX. Legislation and jurisdiction

XIV.1. For any dispute, the applicable Luxembourg law

XIX.2. The CONSUMER is informed that the Courts of Luxembourg shall have jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the use, interpretation and performance of information and data contained on the site.

XIX.3. In case of dispute, the CONSUMER apply primarily to ELECTRO HAUSER SARL for an amicable solution.